Andrew (pwndrew) wrote,

Everyone on Livejournal falls into the "dreadfully boring" archetype.

Why am I hearing stories of English class being turned into Dungeon Quest?

Ye see a flask.

Yon flask representeth thine lustful urges.

What dids't thou dieu?

Thine options art NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, DENNIS.

Somehow this is supposed to determine everything about you, because Dunny is the hero, and Liesl is the motherly figure, and Faustina is the crackwhore. Fifth Business is 200 pages of poorly written fiction underscored by pseudopsychological symbolism. Robertson Davies isn't "exploring" Jungianism, he's rewording it, in a manner completely bereft of any and all subtlety, and passing it off as literature. If psychology wasn't completely worthless in the first place, it would just be easier to read Carl Jung.

Why is there always one book per year (see Lord of the Flies) where the characters are studied as if they're part of some kind of Superfriends Collective (I summon Jack and the power of the antihero; I summon Simon and the power of poor Christological imagery)? I believe schools do this because it's easier to deal with people and "know" them if they fall into one of twelve distinct categories and the scope of possible personality types is limited.

Jungian archetypes are to English what capital cities are to geography; just because you know that the capital of Mongolia is Ulaan Bataar doesn't mean you know anything about Mongolia itself. It's easier to just tell someone they're Boy Staunton than it is to actually get to know them.

So fuck Fifth Business and its embarassingly poor attempt at simplifying a complex psychological concept that isn't even valid to begin with.
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