Andrew (pwndrew) wrote,

As I sat down to try and craft a meaningful Livejournal entry, I realised that I have completely lost the passion I once had for social and political issues. Not only do I not want to discuss them, I feel as though I can bring nothing new to any such discussion. I'm wondering now if I have developed into a full-blown, old-man-like cynic or if I'm just too insecure and wrapped up in myself to be willing to share anything of value with the rest of the world. If it is, in fact, the former, I will share with you why politics, or more specifically, discussing politics in a forced, world issues-class type way, is a waste of time:

No one knows anything.




Adeel doesn't count because he's so addicted to the intellectual orgasm he achieves every time he flexes his cerebral muscles in the public domain that it doesn't really matter what he says, and I can respect that. But as for the rest of you, your opinions are, in fact, of no consequence at all. At least not until you go and do something that doesn't include simply joining a lobby or falling into the bottomless pit of academia where knowledge is lusted after, acquired, found to be unprofitable, and re-taught to the next generation. Would you like Freud with that?

Holding opinions about things only causes conflict, as it should. If you're discussing something strictly as part of the ongoing intellectual exercise in which many of us are actively participating, then why even expend the mental energy? If a discussion becomes heated, people only grow increasingly stubborn and emotional and absolutely nothing is accomplished aside from providing fuel to craft angry post-facto blog entries.

What I am not saying is that people shouldn't bother holding opinions. What I am saying is that we need to change the method of political discourse, not on an institutional level, but on a personal level. If you feel the need to opine on the failings of x-government to achieve y-result, do something worth while and go to Parliament Hill. My advice is to try and realise that the world is fine. Take care of yourself, and respect others enough to realise that they possess the ability to do likewise.

Life is pretty easy and there's no sense martyring your soul for the sake of some sort of greater good, because in all likelihood you don't really know what that even means to someone else.

"There are problems in these times, but none of them are mine."

P.S. I realise that this entire entry is an opinion, posted in a public space.
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