Andrew (pwndrew) wrote,

Unholy lies!

Yesterday I was informed that an elderly woman (aged probably 90 or so) who attends my mum's church had died. Considering her age and health, it probably came as no shock to anyone, except me. I shall explain why.

Every year that church invites a pastor from one of the Carolinas to come and speak. His ministry is based on the idea that he is directly connected to God, and his sermons are him, literally, prophesying to people, the same way psychics on TV appear to do. One night a few years ago, he looked directly at this woman and said "God just added fifteen years to your life!" and everyone cheered wildly. Now she's dead.

The next time he's here, I'm going to go to the service and call him out on what a fraud he is. I hope he burns in hell.
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