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The most important part of the internet...

is most certainly elsewhere.

9/16/06 02:40 pm - The internet is proof that 99% of humanity cannot handle freedom

However, if everybody had John Madden supplying colour commentary for the play-by-play of their life, I might be more inclined to pay attention. This, unfortunately, is not the case and is the reason for my long-term hiatus from Livejournal, which I see as nought but a medium through which overemotional youth project their insecurities and confusion. And because I am certainly included in this group, I am avoiding Livejournal.

That said, I'm pretty much avoiding everyone, and using the fact that nearly everyone I know has moved away from home as an excuse to spend more time with my genius. And my guitar. And Myspace. :(

9/4/06 02:56 am - Back to school?

To those of you starting university, don't try and make the experience anything it's not. To those of you who are pursuing it into its third year and beyond, I hope you've done so.

I really can't fathom how most people with whom I went to high school are eight months away from receiving a BA. Even those who haven't enjoyed post-secondary education and who are biding their time draped in mediocrity will likely be earning decent salaries in the next couple of years. My question to everyone is this: at what point to I have to give up on fun and start making money?

8/28/06 12:08 pm

I have returned to Livejournal after a three month hiatus to pose a burning question, one that will end with a syntactical error:

What are Cap'n Crunch pieces supposed to be shaped like?

5/18/06 02:12 pm - Everyone on Livejournal falls into the "dreadfully boring" archetype.

Why am I hearing stories of English class being turned into Dungeon Quest?

Ye see a flask.

Yon flask representeth thine lustful urges.

What dids't thou dieu?

Thine options art NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, DENNIS.

Somehow this is supposed to determine everything about you, because Dunny is the hero, and Liesl is the motherly figure, and Faustina is the crackwhore. Fifth Business is 200 pages of poorly written fiction underscored by pseudopsychological symbolism. Robertson Davies isn't "exploring" Jungianism, he's rewording it, in a manner completely bereft of any and all subtlety, and passing it off as literature. If psychology wasn't completely worthless in the first place, it would just be easier to read Carl Jung.

Why is there always one book per year (see Lord of the Flies) where the characters are studied as if they're part of some kind of Superfriends Collective (I summon Jack and the power of the antihero; I summon Simon and the power of poor Christological imagery)? I believe schools do this because it's easier to deal with people and "know" them if they fall into one of twelve distinct categories and the scope of possible personality types is limited.

Jungian archetypes are to English what capital cities are to geography; just because you know that the capital of Mongolia is Ulaan Bataar doesn't mean you know anything about Mongolia itself. It's easier to just tell someone they're Boy Staunton than it is to actually get to know them.

So fuck Fifth Business and its embarassingly poor attempt at simplifying a complex psychological concept that isn't even valid to begin with.

5/11/06 08:32 pm

As I sat down to try and craft a meaningful Livejournal entry, I realised that I have completely lost the passion I once had for social and political issues. Not only do I not want to discuss them, I feel as though I can bring nothing new to any such discussion. I'm wondering now if I have developed into a full-blown, old-man-like cynic or if I'm just too insecure and wrapped up in myself to be willing to share anything of value with the rest of the world. If it is, in fact, the former, I will share with you why politics, or more specifically, discussing politics in a forced, world issues-class type way, is a waste of time:

No one knows anything.




Adeel doesn't count because he's so addicted to the intellectual orgasm he achieves every time he flexes his cerebral muscles in the public domain that it doesn't really matter what he says, and I can respect that. But as for the rest of you, your opinions are, in fact, of no consequence at all. At least not until you go and do something that doesn't include simply joining a lobby or falling into the bottomless pit of academia where knowledge is lusted after, acquired, found to be unprofitable, and re-taught to the next generation. Would you like Freud with that?

Holding opinions about things only causes conflict, as it should. If you're discussing something strictly as part of the ongoing intellectual exercise in which many of us are actively participating, then why even expend the mental energy? If a discussion becomes heated, people only grow increasingly stubborn and emotional and absolutely nothing is accomplished aside from providing fuel to craft angry post-facto blog entries.

What I am not saying is that people shouldn't bother holding opinions. What I am saying is that we need to change the method of political discourse, not on an institutional level, but on a personal level. If you feel the need to opine on the failings of x-government to achieve y-result, do something worth while and go to Parliament Hill. My advice is to try and realise that the world is fine. Take care of yourself, and respect others enough to realise that they possess the ability to do likewise.

Life is pretty easy and there's no sense martyring your soul for the sake of some sort of greater good, because in all likelihood you don't really know what that even means to someone else.

"There are problems in these times, but none of them are mine."

P.S. I realise that this entire entry is an opinion, posted in a public space.

5/6/06 12:05 pm

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Rockistan, including, but not limited to, Ms. Kowalska, who actually showed up.

And happy birthday to Adeel and thank you for staying for entire set. I hope late night transit in the Sticks wasn't too confusing for you and your posh, urban sensibilities.

4/22/06 11:36 pm - The Best Drink Ever

This may come off as one of those typical drunk Livejournal posts which I absolutely loathe, but the best drink in the history of mankind, which is known as an Irish Car Bomb, is Guinness and Bailey's. It tastes like Jesus' urine, and it's a reasonable price as well. I am not an alcoholic, but I am in love.

4/18/06 09:20 pm - Andrew Unplugged!

For anyone (19+) interested, I'm playing an acoustic set at the Vox Cafe at Adelaide and Ontario St. (between Sherbourne and Parliament) on April 28th. There's a $5 cover and I apparently get $2.50 for every person I bring. So show up and I shall entertain you. Doors are at 8:30 and I go on at 9.

4/9/06 07:21 pm - The x Degrees of Livejournal

This is the challenge:

Devise a method through which you can discover how many degrees separate everyone on Livejournal. Whoever has the most cogent statistical analysis wins a prize.

Adeel is the judge, even though Adeel will probably also be the winner.

3/19/06 08:00 pm - Holy shit!

I sure as hell don't ever clean my room, and now my Oasis ticket is missing from right on top of the pile in my desk drawer. Needless to say, I am incredibly upset, and I don't what is preventing me from pressing Caps Lock.
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